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From as young as I can remember I have been at ease with a camera in my hands.  I wanted to share the world the way I see it.  I wanted to capture my dreams - make them a reality. 2013-07-06 20.33.39

 I found photography to be a fantastic outlet for this.  Here I am, many years wiser, with evolving styles and an artistic portraiture book due to be published, still enjoying the road.

I have found that my heart and passion lies within fine art figure work including studio work and exploring outdoor locations.

Dance is a new genre I am about to embark into so do keep an eye out for this work in my galleries

My book has taken up a huge chunk of my time of late and has been challenging. The fun part is now to come as I put together the wonderful images and words that all of you have shared with me.

A huge thank you to all those that worked on my book with me. From the models who bought their ideas to portray, to assistants that advised me with lighting concepts, to others that taught me software - you were all appreciated.

I believe that a photographer’s journey is long, so this site will be forever changing to reflect this.

Enjoy your art as I do and I hope you like seeing the world through my eyes .... Jan Murphy


Jan Murphy owns the copyright to all the photographs on this site. It is illegal to copy or use them in any way without permission


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