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                  Interview with my muse, Emma - NUDE Shoot, Spring Edition 2010.
When I set us the task to get in NUDE, did you have any _1012872adoubt it would happen and if not, why not?

When I was set this, I had no doubts at all.  I believed 100% in you and your ability as a photographer and you always make things happen, so I really had no doubt in my mind that we would accomplish this.
Of course, there were personal issues I had to deal with at an extremely difficult time which unfortuanately happened on the day we were supposed to shoot, but you were amazing and we still made it happen!

What was so special about our shoot for NUDE for you?

I think it was the the fact that I put my fears to the test with being naked around london, something I don't think I would have ever done if it hadn't of been for you.

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What did it mean to you to be published in NUDE?

Hello, it's NUDE for a start! Also to be published in NUDE was SUCH an honour, the magazine is something else!  It feels more like a book and the quality is abolsolutely outstanding.  It really was remarkable to be seen along with such beautiful models and talented photographers.

What was the most memorable image we captured that you have seen?

Haha, well I haven't seen many :)  But I think it's the one outside the GLA building.  I just remember wanting to shoot by the big ball statue and those silly security gaurds getting in the way.  I still think they would have enjoyed it if we had explained why we were there hehe
Were you nervous at any time? For instance, like with so many security guards around for instance.... what were you thinking?

I was nervous walking up to where we would shoot, but once you started clicking the adrenaline kicked in and if it hadn't of been for the fact that I was butt naked and freezing all my naughty bits off, would have happily stayed there all day :)

How did you feel when seeing yourself in NUDE magazine?

Astounded. I was worried when I first saw it, because I didn't know what to feel  but later that day it kicked in and I was saying to everyone "oh my god, I'm in NUDE!!!" I think it just took a while because I was finally in such an awesome magazine!!

Do you enjoy our dynamic and how is it different from working with other photographers?

Oh yes definately.  I always get this sense about a photographer, and it varies from each one.  But when you flow and work together as easily as we do it's such a joy to do the work and see the results.  And I can honestly say you are the only photographer I can shoot for 5+ hours with and NOT need a break!

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Emma thank you so much for your hard work and patience on this shoot and for being so brave against all odds.

We did it, but hey we always knew we would didn’t we?  Smiles and promises you I’m not being arrogant, just positive in the only way I know when it comes to my passion that is my art.

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